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     Attention to Detail, respect for Proportion, and a love of and facility with all Styles distinguishes our work.  Our designs range from Contemporary through Traditional.  In any six month period our work can vary from the purely Decorative to the strictly Functional.  We work with our customers to solve spatial problems as well as to provide a singular finished product.

     Traditional designs may require traditional techniques, dovetailed or mortised joinery, hand carving and turnings.  Contemporary designs often benefit from the use of contemporary materials.  Our facility with so many approaches allows us to choose not only the best material but also the best technique for a specific project freely mixing the old with the new.  Our wood finishes may be hand rubbed or sprayed with catalyzed lacquer.  Metal can be patinated, plated or powdercoated...and our range of handpainted, decorative finishes is limitless.

"Surely the function of furniture includes pleasing the eye and lifting the spirit"
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